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Hello guys and welcome to my new blog where I make travel and lifestyle blogs from the beautiful city where I live which is Paris and I'm gonna show you my top 10 favorite Instagram spots to take your pictures and where to find them.

Paris is one of the most Instagrammable cities with endless possibilities.

Here are 10 of my favorite locations to take your Instagram shots.

10. Buren columns

This location is an absolute blogger favorite. Located in my favorite Park in Paris called Jardins du Palais Royal you can have fun posing on top or between the black and white marble columns you can also stand between the pillars surrounding them and get creative in many ways.

9. Vivienne gallery

This sumptuous shopping gallery makes for great photo opportunities the glass roof lets the light pour into the gallery and illuminate the mosaic-tiled floors stroll along the gallery to find your perfect Instagram spot.

8. Louvre Pyramid

Another iconic location in Paris is this glass pyramid which is the entrance of the famous museum. it is surrounded by three smaller pyramids. You'll find passageways all around this courtyard.

Make sure you find this particular spot and come first thing in the morning for an amazing symmetrical picture.

7. Rue de l'université

This particular street gives you an amazing view over the Eiffel Tower play with the angles and the beautiful Haussmanian buildings. Try to come early if you don't want anyone else on your picture as this is a very famous spot

6. Rue de l'Abreuvoir

Montmartre is such a beautiful and particular area of Paris. With its little cafes and artists painting, photo opportunities are at every corner. My favorite is this little zigzag-shaped street overviewing the Sacré Coeur. The fact that no cars can park there makes the scenery even more magical. Try to find the best angle from the end of the street and come early in the morning to have it to yourself

5. The sacré coeur stairs

The sacré-Coeur basilica is such a beautiful monument from every angle I love this particular location for a shot also, it's located sort of in a back street so these stairs are not usually crowded as opposed to the ones in front of the church. They are located on the right side of the basilica.

4. Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde in Paris biggest square. Its location right in the middle of the city makes it easy for you to stop by and take your shots. Play with the fountains in the middle and you can have the Eiffel Tower as your background or this beautiful eighteenth-century building that is now a palace hotel.

3. Square Rapp

This one is still sort of a secret spot but so beautiful. it's a tiny garden with a fountain where you can pose with the Eiffel Tower in the background you'll be surrounded by four imposing buildings so make sure to check them out you'll also be able to pose with a beautiful mosaic wall inside the square.

2. Iena bridge

Many Instagrammers take pictures having a picnic or a glass of wine here You'll need to go just under this bridge for this particular spot which makes for a great staged picture.

1. Trocadéro

Probably the most touristic place in Paris where you

get a stunning view over the Eiffel Tower. One of Instagram's favorites is to find an edge where to sit and balance your feet with the iron Lady in the background no need to tell you that it is probably one of the most crowded places in Paris so just come early if you want to have some space.

I hope this info will be helpful and help you maintain your beautiful

feed, if you are coming to Paris soon and will use those tips let me know in the

those are only ten great spots but you can find beautiful spots at every corner here in Paris so just get creative, enjoy your time in Paris and consider.

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