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Hello from Paris.

I'm gonna show you our 10 favorite photo spots in Paris.

Let’s go!!!

My first stop is Palais-Royal, which is right next to the Louvre, early morning it’s empty, like 9:15-9:30 AM, but no one has shown up, so come here early in the morning to get amazing photos with no one in your photo, which is incredible, especially in Paris since there are so many tourists here. There’s also Cafe Kitsune, right across the entrance right over, grab some coffee and chill here, as well. There’re just tons of columns everywhere with different heights, they’re black and white, there’re tall ones over there, there’re shorter ones, I recommend coming in the morning because the lighting is perfect, blue sky the sun is not too high and also there’s no one!

A very short walk from Palais-Royal is the famous Louvre, another photo opportunity here at the Louvre is sitting at Cafe Marly, sitting up by the balcony, you can get a great view of the Louvre, you can get great photos by yourself without people in it.

If you get a photo here at Cafe Marly, the focus is not on people, it’s on you, and the people are like ants behind you.

My next stop is the most regal and beautiful bridge in Paris, it’s Pont Alexandre! you have an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, and the bridge itself is just so beautiful. There’re gold accents everywhere, the bridge may have a lot of people walking back and forth, but you can always find a spot next to a pillar to take a photo on, so it’s pretty easy, you don’t have to come in the morning you can come here anytime you want and you can get a great photo.

And in terms of the types of photos, you can get here, you can get beautiful portraits with the Eiffel Tower in the back, the bridge has so much beautiful stuff on it, you have nice accents, you have nice gold stuff, you have all these lanterns up and down the bridge. But just in general, a lot of great portrait photography here and a lot of great framing opportunities.

Moving closer to the Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre, we’re now at Square Rapp. This whole area in general in the 7th Arrondissement has a lot of beautiful shots of the Eiffel Tower right behind, up close and personal, but Square Rapp is a good spot in the 7th Arrondissement that allows no obstructions except for a couple of trees, so you can get nice shots of the Eiffel Tower here, whether you’re in the photo or it’s just photos of the tower itself.

In general, in the 7th Arrondissement, just east of the Eiffel Tower, there are plenty of places to take photos and it’s really fun to kinda go down different streets and see which ones have nice leading lines and framing for the tower.

Unlike Trocadero and a lot of other places where you can get the same shots of the Eiffel Tower as everyone else, the 7th Arrondissement allows for more creativity.

When you’re in Paris, you’ve gotta visit the Arc de Triomphe, this is probably one of the most well-known spots here in Paris and there’s a reason why.

This thing is massive, it’s beautiful, you can go from all over and take a good photo of it, different angles. A lot of people taking the photos directly head-on in the middle, but we prefer taking them from the side. And we’re not here very early and we’re still able to get empty photos without any cars, you just have to be very patient.

Sometimes the cars go and stop, go and stop, so if you’re willing to be patient, you can get an empty photo without cars.

There are so many places where you can get beautiful photos of the Eiffel Tower with beautiful leading lines and honestly that’s part of the fun is being able to find your shot, so one place that we came to that’s not too far from Trocadero (which is a touristy place), this has a beautiful unobstructed shot of the Eiffel Tower behind.

This is pretty similar to the other shots we had at Square Rapp, this is one of the best shots of the Eiffel Tower you can get anywhere in Paris. if you want a great photo, I guarantee you people will be in it. However, it is great to look at the Eiffel Tower from here because it’s a great view.

If you want photos here, come in the morning. And one last place to get beautiful photos of the Eiffel Tower in the background.

The footbridge that’s so small, and this is slowly becoming the new “Love Lock Bridge.” If you know, there was a love lock bridge elsewhere in Paris called “Pont des Arts,” which used to have locks on it, but they had to take them off because it was getting too heavy for the bridge. But now, there are tons of locks everywhere, and there are even guys selling locks here so you can buy them and then lock them on here to symbolize your undying love, or whatever.

Le Marais, in this area, there are tons of coffee shops, this is one of my favorite coffee shops here because they make amazing oat milk cappuccinos. Also, it’s really cute in here, it’s adorable, there’s great natural lighting. And admittedly, it’s a little bit girly, so if you’re not going for super girly photos, they still have great coffee here, too.

There are tons of coffee shops around here, but Republique of Coffee is my favorite.

Now we’re at Rue Cremieux, this place is a street full of colorful houses. Every single house is different colors, it’s an entire street of it, you can get great leading line photos or photos from the side. if you want a pink house, there can be a pink house behind you. If you want a blue house, you can find a blue house. Any color you like, you can find a house!

if you come on a sunnier day, all the houses will be bright and colorful. One more thing to know is that you must be quiet while you’re here since locals live here and they’re in their homes, so please be respectful and don’t cause too much noise or don’t linger for too long.

After walking all around Paris taking photos and exploring, another way to take great photos is at a cafe, you can sit down and take photos because there’re so many around Paris and a lot of them are so photogenic and super cute.

Some are gonna be huge with tons of people at them and you can get kind of a busy vibe, or some might be a little bit smaller and you can get a more intimate kind of vibe.

Kind of cute, small cafe kind of stuff. Especially if you go in the morning you can get some empty shots of some cute, quaint cafes.

The area I recommend going to in the morning is St. Germain, so Cafe de Flore and then, I can’t pronounce the other place, (Les Deux Magots), those two places are right next to each other, they’re great for people-watching. it’s a little bit more crowded, so you might get some different shots, like a flat lay of the table with the coffee and food on it, maybe something more close-up like a portrait.

My last pit stop of the Instagram tour. This is Galeries Lafayette mall and this is by the Opera House and this place is beautiful! You can see the skywalk-glass walk over there. Super long wait, it’s really beautiful, but it’s up to you if you wanna wait in line to be able to have that view.

If you hate waiting in long lines I recommend going around across the skywalk and taking a photo here instead, because it’s just as nice.

early January this Christmas tree obviously won’t be here the whole year round, but even if this tree’s not here, you’re still gonna have stunning views of this nice roof, all the amazing architectures, and decoration on all the different floors of this huge mall. And you can get a stunning photo if you use any kind of wide-angle lens.

Paris is such a magical, beautiful city, wherever you take photos, honestly, it’ll look beautiful. Paris, do your own thing and take lots of photos while you’re here! A lot of the fun is in finding your shot, so get out there and shoot!


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