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Paris Photoshoots During the 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Olympics in Paris promises to create an electrifying atmosphere. However, it is important to note that some iconic landmarks may be off-limits for photographers. But fear not! This guide will reveal accessible gems and highlight areas to avoid, ensuring that your photoshoot captures the magic of the City of Lights during this 

Unavailable Locations During the Paris Olympic

Unavailable Locations for Photoshoots (June to Mid September 2024):

Eiffel Tower: Although theEiffel will be decorated with Olympic glory, taking close-up photos may prove challenging due to security measures and potential construction.

Paris Photographer By Finzi


This popular viewing point for the Eiffel Tower will be inaccessible due to Olympic activities.

Paris Photographer By Finzi

Seine River Banks

Please be aware of restrictions along the Seine that may limit your ability to capture classic Eiffel Tower shots from this vantage point.

Alexander III Bridge

This iconic bridge, which offers stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, will not be available for photoshoots.

Paris Photographer By Finzi

Bir Hakeim Bridge

nother great spot to view the Eiffel Tower, Bir Hakeim Bridge, will be closed for renovations and will not be available for photography.

Paris Photographer By Finzi

Several Streets with Eiffel Views

Please be aware that there may be limited access to streets known for their iconic Eiffel Tower views during the Olympics due to logistical and security measures.

Explore These Alternative Gems:

Paris Photographer By Finzi

Available Locations During the Paris Olympic

While the Eiffel Tower might be basking in Olympic glory, don't fret! Paris bursts with captivating alternatives for your photoshoot during the 2024 Games. Escape the crowds and unveil hidden gems: wander the Louvre's majestic facade and serene gardens, step into a fairytale at Parc Monceau, find a tranquil charm on Ile Saint Louis, or capture the vibrant energy of Le Marais' architectural mix. Ascend Montmartre for panoramic views, or seek serenity amidst Jardin du Luxembourg's regal backdrop. Every corner whispers Parisian magic, waiting to be captured by your lens. So, embrace the spirit of discovery and create unforgettable memories, Olympic Games or not!

Louvre Museum

Capture its artistic facade and nearby gardens for a unique blend of art and Parisian atmosphere. Early mornings or evenings offer soft light, enhancing the grandeur.

Paris Photographer By Finzi

Palais Royal

Play with the contrast of black and white columns or explore the stunning gardens for a regal setting. This location is ideal for couples seeking a distinctly French ambiance.

Paris Photographer By Finzi
Paris Photographer By Finzi

Ile Saint Louis

Escape the bustle and photograph charming streets and historic architecture in this serene island oasis.

Paris Photoshoot By Finzi

Jardin du Luxembourg

Enjoy the serene beauty, especially during early mornings. The Luxembourg Palace and fountains offer a regal backdrop.


Climb the iconic steps for panoramic views. The artistic ambiance, street performers, and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica create a dynamic backdrop for your photos.

Paris Photographer By Finzi

Coffee Shop

Capture the Parisian atmosphere with natural light, coffee cups, croissants, and candid interactions with locals.

Paris Photographer By Finzi

Bonus Tips for a Memorable Photoshoot During the Paris Olympic

Embrace the Unexpected: Explore beyond the usual tourist spots and capture the authentic charm of Parisian streets, cafes, and gardens.

Early Bird Gets the Shot: Plan your photo shoot for early mornings or late evenings to avoid crowds and capture the city in soft, natural light.

Public Transportation is Your Friend: The efficient Metro and bus system will help you navigate the city and reach hidden gems.

Stay Flexible: Be prepared to adapt your itinerary due to potential event-related restrictions or unexpected closures.

Respect Local Regulations: Be mindful of privacy and photography restrictions, especially near Olympic venues.

Make the Most of Your Parisian Adventure:

While restrictions exist, remember that Paris offers endless possibilities for capturing its essence. Use this guide as a starting point, embrace the spirit of discovery, and create unforgettable memories with your camera. With a little planning and flexibility, you can navigate the 2024 Olympics and capture the magic of Paris like never before!

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